Counselling helps people improve their sense of well-being, alleviate their distress, increase their ability to solve issues they may be facing and make decisions for themselves.

That’s where I come in.  My role is to help you make sense of what is happening.  The key to success comes through the relationship between the counsellor and their client and I work towards a carefully boundaried relationship where you can feel safe, tell your story and really be listened to.  I work with my clients to develop this relationship which is respectful, confidential and suited to their individual needs.  What you bring to therapy will be unique to you.

Counselling can be short or long term… perhaps you would like to come for only 5 or 6 sessions, or maybe you wish to spend longer looking at things… it’s up to you how your therapy is shaped and how long you come for.

If you are unsure if counselling is the thing for you, please feel free to call me to discuss things as it may help you make that decision.

People come along for counselling for many different issues.  Some of the areas that have been explored and worked through by my previous clients are:

Low Mood and Depression – Stress and Anxiety – Loss and Bereavement – Anger – Addictions, Eating Disorders – Mental Health Issues – Abuse – Relationships – Self Esteem – Sexuality – Trauma – Self Harm – Divorce – Post Natal Depression – Bullying – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD] – Bipolar Disorder – Child Related Issues

Some of the above may resonate with your own experience… or you may have your own particular issue… Whatever your interest or concern, it may be worth trying therapy as a supportive method of exploration, leading to awareness and change.

Person Centred Counselling

Person Centred Counselling views the client as having the ability to overcome their own problems and difficulties if given the right conditions.

The success of this approach has been so strong that today, 70 years on from when it was first developed, it is still by far the most popular form of counselling.

This type of counselling has helped a huge amount of people overcome difficult events and achieve a greater quality of life.  I feel passionate about its effectiveness as a form of therapy.

Its goal is to provide clients with an opportunity to develop a sense of self whereby they can become aware of how their thoughts, feelings and behaviour are being negatively affected and in turn work towards their true positive potential. As this type of counsellor I create a comfortable, non judgemental environment by demonstrating to you genuineness, empathy and unconditional positive regard whilst using a non directive approach. This helps you to find your own solutions. This technique has proven to be a vastly effective and popular treatment.


Telephone and Video Call Counselling

Due to the complicated world we all now live in and the recent Covid -19 pandemic, counselling appointments are available from the comfort of your own home via telephone or video link. Under normal circumstances sessions are also available from the comfort of my counselling studio in Rushden. Please contact me to learn more about this or to arrange an appointment.